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Clubhouse Security:

In past years, summer nights have presented a challenge to secure the Clubhouse and grounds.   A video surveillance system has been donated to the club.  


We have a new page about weeds that can be accessed from the Lake&Grounds page.

The board is pursuing two long-term approaches to the weed problem:  Chemical treatments and reducing the lake level this Fall.  

Be aware that many lakes in many states are experiencing identical issues, not just us.  These are long term problems and their resolutions will take time.  Your patience is appreciated.



OCTOBER 7th set as date to lower LAKE LEVEL

October 7th, the lake level will be lowered approximately thirty inches at the outlet.  

This will provide an opportunity for the waterfront owners to repair shoreline structures while the weather is still warm enough to work.

It will also provide an opportunity to remove some of the weeds and expose more weeds to freezing temperatures this winter.

Contact Lake and Grounds with questions.Te

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

Catamaran on Crystal Lake
Photo by Keith Mills

ANNUAL MEETING - September 23rd 

Mark your calender for the Crystal Lake Club Annual Meeting, Saturday July 13th.  There will be lots of activities before the meeting.   Details to follow.

A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
... Is still available for free.  Click on the cover page on the right.

Updated Bylaws Available  

Check out the Business page for updated bylaws.  The updates address many of your questions the Board received over the past few years.  A information-only "Redlined" copy is also found there to make it easier to see the updates.   Please address any questions or comments to the Board.