A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
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Marina Sign

The Club sign at the Marina is showing it's age. The Board is working to replace the rotting wood sign.

Club Activities

The Board would like to hear about activities you would attend over the next year.  Please fill out the following survey.   It can be filled out for one person or a family.

Please select as many options as you would be interested in attending and/or suggest other events. 

Please guess on the number of attendees.  Use the "Other Event or Comments" section if you can be more specific for planning purposes.  You can also volunteer to help in the Comments section.

Paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief history of the Crystal Lake Club 

   ... is still available by clicking on the book icon. Bills can be paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m. 


Spring Fishing Rule Reminder

Anglers:  Remember the Bylaws Article VII, Section 4, (i).  If caught in the spring, bass brood fish (i.e., healthy egg-bearing females) shall be returned to the lake in support of the Club's fish stocking program.

It can cost about $12 a fish to stock the lake.   It helps every time you catch and release.   Thanks for your cooperation.

Also, no live bait, especially blood suckers and invasive species.  Small bait fish from the lake or from KY certified stores (i.e., no parasites or diseases) can be used but we prefer a lure-based lake. (Left: Marshall Kaufman, Right: Jerry Weekly, both on 3/29/2020.

Facebook Reminder:

Remember that Facebook is not a Club-sponsored, moderated or monitored medium.   Please remember that if you have business or questions for the Board, contact it directly (see the Contact Us tab) and do not expect to get a response through Facebook.

Weed Management Guidelines

A "policy and procedure" document has been created to help lakefront owners manage the weeds.  Click on Lake and Grounds to find the link. 

Annual Yard Sale Date Set!

Start collecting all that stuff you want to sell.  This year's Yard Sale is set for Saturday, May 16th.  The Clubhouse parking area will be available for Members to display their wares.   The Club will advertise the sale and install a sign at RT 53 and Grange Dr.

Everyone is responsible for their own signage.

Library Box

When you loan or return a loan to the Library Box at the clubhouse, please date the inside cover so the box's "Librarian" can manage the stock.  Thank You!

Safety Reminder

Please remember to wear your personal flotation devices when enjoying the lake.

Also remember this is a No Wake lake.

Young Conservationist at Work

Lake and Grounds got some fish stocking help from young conservationist Shelby Katschke and Beckham O'Dell.  Bass, Crappie and Grass Carp were added to the lake on March14th.

REMINDER: stocking the lake with fish from other lakes and ponds is not allowed because it can import diseases and parasites.

The Lake is "Plugged"!

Given the warm temperatures, the potential for the fish to spawn soon, and the free time recently afforded to our anglers and lake enthusiast, the drain plug has been installed.  The spillway concrete work will be done as soon as it makes sense.

Police Patrols to Start

This warm weather and the closing of schools  makes for a large number of kids on the streets.  Therefore the annual summer extended police patrols will begin in April.  They will be giving more tickets than warnings.  Please watch your speed and remember, CLC stop signs are not optional.