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A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
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Grass Carp

To help manage the weeds, the Club is purchasing additional grass carp for the lakes this spring.  It takes a while for carp to be effective, given the limited number of fish we can add each year and the size of Crystal Lake, but it's one of several methods the Club is using to control lake weeds.

Bridge Road Inspection

Kentucky Transportation Board was out looking at the road over bridge and dam last week.  It's apparently in good shape.  More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

Safety Reminder

Please don't stand on the drain grate that is over the outlet at the Marina. It will be serviced this year to keep it strong but it's a dangerous place and not intended as an observation platform. 

Cleanup Day - April 28th

Do you have a few hours to help the Lake and Grounds committee spring clean?   We're having a clean up day April 28th, from 8 to 10 a.m. , weather pending.  Please put it on your calendar,  and come help.  More information will be posted on this site, closer to the date.

What's in the lake and bigger than a Paddle fish?

The Derby City Dragons will be practicing with their 40 foot long boat in Crystal Lake again, until the flooded Ohio River becomes safe again.   If you see them out there, cheer them on.  More at DerbyCityDragons.org.

Invasive Species Reminder

Crystal Lake is near the the top of the local watershed so it's not as exposed to overflowing ponds and other sources of invasive species of plans and aquatic aminmals as other lakes.  However, it is exposed to the Ohio and other bodies of water other ways.  As the new season starts, please remember these notes from KY Fish and Wildlife:

•If you fish other sates and lakes, wash the baits, and fishing line/gear you used.
•Clean your boat, anchor, and other items that may have been submerged in water. This is best done by rinsing your transportation sources and equipment thoroughly with a hard spray or HOT (105° F) water, like that found at a do-it-yourself carwash. 
•Drain water-related equipment before leaving a water-access or shoreline property. 
•DO NOT dump leftover bait! DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, and worms, in the trash. Dumping of bait is the #1 way that Asian Carp are spread between waterways. 
•If your dog goes swimming, wash your dog with clean water and brush its coat.

Spring Yard Sale

Mark your calendar for the annual CLC yard sale on  May 19th.   


The indoor Clubhouse space has been cancelled due to a lack of interest. 

Also, Clubhouse yard space between the parking lot and swimming areas will be available to CLC members who register for a space, on the condition that you provide your own tables, chairs, etc, and that your space is clean and all your materials are removed by the end of the day.  Use the button below to register.

A map with locations on it will be posted on the website and the newspaper ad will contain that link.  Printed copies may be availble.

A sign will be posted on the corner of Grange Drive and RT53.   Please place your own signs elsewhere, especially if you live off of RT53.