A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
     ... Is still available for free.  Click on the cover page on the right.

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Marina Sign

The Club sign at the Marina is showing it's age. The Board is working to replace the rotting wood sign.

Club Activities

The Board would like to hear about activities you would attend over the next year.  Please fill out the following survey.   It can be filled out for one person or a family.

Please select as many options as you would be interested in attending and/or suggest other events. 

Please guess on the number of attendees.  Use the "Other Event or Comments" section if you can be more specific for planning purposes.  You can also volunteer to help in the Comments section.

Paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief history of the Crystal Lake Club 

   ... is still available by clicking on the book icon. Bills can be paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m. 


Facebook Reminder:

Remember that Facebook is not a Club-sponsored, moderated or monitored medium.   Please remember that if you have business or questions for the Board, contact it directly (see the Contact Us tab) and do not expect to get a response through Facebook.

Weed Management Guidelines

A "policy and procedure" document has been created to help lakefront owners manage the weeds.  Click on Lake and Grounds to find the link. 

Safety Reminder

Please remember to wear your personal flotation devices when enjoying the lake.

Also remember this is a No Wake lake.

KY Fish and Wildlife Link

Remember, Crystal Lake falls under the KY Fish and Wildlife rules.  They can be found by clicking HERE.

Police Patrols to Start

This warm weather and the closing of schools  makes for a large number of kids on the streets.  Therefore the annual summer extended police patrols will begin in April.  They will be giving more tickets than warnings.  Please watch your speed and remember, CLC stop signs are not optional. 

The Police are also be able to confiscate vehicles being operated in an unsafe manner, such as dirt bikes, electric carts, and anyone racing on our streets. 

Important Reminders!!

  • *  Members are responsible for their guests.
  • * This includes the Idle Speed (No Wake) policy and use of the club 
  •          facilities (docks, launch, spillway parking, no swimming areas,
  •          play ground, etc.).
  • * Tags are required on vehicles parked in the launch area.
  • * Make sure your boat has your lot number on it.
  • * Music on the lake is awesome, but keep the volume down.  Sound
           travels over water and not everyone has the same tastes for
  • * Guest boats are welcome but a Member must be in the boat with
           a tag.
  • * Boats that visit other lakes and rivers should be washed before
           entering Crystal Lake to avoid introducing invasive species/
  • * Enjoy this fantastic place.

We Need Your Help

Each year the Board receives calls and emails from non Members asking  permission use the lake.   The quarantine situation makes the lake even more attractive.  Some people do not even bother to ask.  Unfortunately, callers have to be politely turned down because this is your private lake.  You paid for stocking,  maintaining  and insuring it.

You can help.  Speak to people you don't know, or contact the Board if:

     You see  a non-Member using the lake, such as fishing, without a Member present,

      See vehicles in the spillway/launch area without a window tag,

      Notice an unattended taut line or dead animals.

      Notice any club item that needs repair or has been stolen.

      Have any suggestions to make this a better place.

Tags and lot numbers on your boat is the best way we can manage access to your lake.

Be nice.   Just inform, do not negatively confront them, especially in front of children. 


July Board Meeting

  • The next Board meeting is  July 7th. 
  • Please wear a mask.
  • ce .

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