A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
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Marina Signs

The Club sign at the Marina is showing it's age. The Board is working to replace the rotting wood sign.

Club Activities

The Board would like to hear about activities you would attend over the next year.  Please fill out the following survey.   It can be filled out for one person or a family.

Please select as many options as you would be interested in attending and/or suggest other events. 

Please guess on the number of attendees.  Use the "Other Event or Comments" section if you can be more specific for planning purposes.  You can also volunteer to help in the Comments section.

Paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US pages for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief history of the Crystal Lake Club 

   ... is still available by clicking on the book icon. 



Given the amount of building going on in the County, this is a remember to get CBC Board approval for any house, garage, shed, dock, wharf, or other items covered in the CBC Deed Restrictions to avoid any issues or construction delays.  It's fast and easy.  You might notice that under the Club's "Documents & Business" tab there is a link to a "Builders Guide" page.  This page is intended to answer some of the common questions associated with building.   It will continue to be updated, but it is NOT a replacement for reading and understanding the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws. 


The Club is involved in a number of new initiatives, so a new pages within this website will be added this year so there is  sufficient space to explain details to those who care.  For now, links to the new page(s) will be included in notices on this home page, rather than added as a left-hand menu tab. 

Suggestions and comments on how to improve this site, or correct information are always welcome.

Voluntary E-mail / Text Sign-up

The Club has no quick way to communicate to Members.   It's primary methods of communications are the Clubhouse sign and this website.  USPS mail is also available but cost hundreds of dollars and takes a lot of time to process.   Facebook is not owned, sponsored or managed by the Club.

We are trying a new voluntary sign up for Email and Text messages.   The details and sign-up form are available by CLICKING HERE.

We'll probably have to adjust program and website as we learn what works and what doesn't.  Suggestions and comments are welcome (webmaster@ourcrystallake.org). 


An Easter Egg hunt is being planned for Saturday, April 16th.  Stay tuned for more information and potential date changes


A chili competition is being planned for March 5th.  As in the past, this event is sponsored by the Club, and is a chance to have some fun and socialize at the Clubhouse.  Check back later for more details or changes.

Cleanup DAY

The Annual Cleanup Day is scheduled for May 21st.  A list of projects and special contemporaneous events will be posted closer to the date.


Crystal Lake is part of the North Fork, Currys Fork watershed.  The Club has been looking for opportunities to manage the silt that enters the lake.  It's not only important to stop the current infiltration, but we also need to be strategically planning for what happens if (when) Zhale Smith Road becomes developed.  To that end, the Club is participating with the County in a 319(h) water quality grant process.  See more information,click on "Currys Fork Watershed" to get to the new page.   Your comments and participation are very welcome.


There may still some 2021 funds available to help homeowners with septic system repairs and storm water management.  Contact  Becca Trueman, Currys Creek Watershed Coordinator for the current status and more details.  (rtrueman@oldhamcountyky.gov)


Last winter, there was some frustration over snow removal and salting.  It was a difficult time for the entire state because getting salt supplies was very difficult.  The County Road Dept. indicates that the County's salt storage is full.  They currently maintain Grange, Crystal, Hoffman, part of Reel and Part of Center.  The CLC Road Committee has allocated emergency funds to our Contractor so they can quickly get supplies, should that happen again.  If you have an issue with our non-county roads, please call the Road Chair or email roadcommittee@ourcrystallake.org.  They will interface with our contractor.  (See the "Contact Us" tab)


Based on our website statistics, OurCrystalLake.COM isn't used much and the Board believes it's not worth the cost to block it from a different user anymore.  Therefore, we expect it to expire on September 26, 2022.  That should be plenty of time for you to make sure you point your browsers to the main Ourcrystallake.ORG site.

Duck Duck Goose 

At the Annual Crystal Lake Club meeting, it was discussed that a reminder should go out to everyone to please not feed the geese. The weather is starting to cool, and it's time for the geese to start migrating. If we feed them, they want to stay around instead of moving on as they should.
Please gently remind any of your neighbors who might not be on Facebook if you happen to see them feeding the geese or ducks.
Thanks to everyone for helping to keep Crystal Lakeœgoose-poop free (or at least minimized) !Ÿ˜„