A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
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Marina Sign

The Club sign at the Marina is showing it's age. The Board is working to replace the rotting wood sign.

Club Activities

The Board would like to hear about activities you would attend over the next year.  Please fill out the following survey.   It can be filled out for one person or a family.

Please select as many options as you would be interested in attending and/or suggest other events. 

Please guess on the number of attendees.  Use the "Other Event or Comments" section if you can be more specific for planning purposes.  You can also volunteer to help in the Comments section.

Paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief history of the Crystal Lake Club 

   ... is still available by clicking on the book icon. 


Facebook Reminder:

Remember that Facebook is not a Club-sponsored, moderated or monitored medium.   Please remember that if you have business or questions for the Board, contact it directly (see the Contact Us tab) and do not expect to get a response through Facebook.

KY Fish and Wildlife Link

Remember, Crystal Lake falls under the KY Fish and Wildlife rules.  They can be found by clicking HERE.

Builder Guidelines

You might notice that under the Club's "Documents & Business" tab there is a link to a "Builders Guide" page.  This page is intended to answer some of the common questions associated with building.   It will continue to be updated, but it is NOT a replacement for reading and understanding the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws.  


Given the amount of building going on in the County, this is a remember to get CLC Board approval for any house, garage, shed, dock, warf, or other items covered in the CLC Deed Restrictions to avoid any issues or construction delays.  It's fast and easy.  Refer to the Documents and Builder's Guide tabs.

Old Playhouse Removed  

The aging playhouse has been removed by Lake and Grounds (Thanks Mike O'Dell and Mike Katschke).   They will be looking for ideas and quotes for updating the playground in the spring.   Please send them your kid's suggestions.

Spillway Repairs  

The spillway has been repaired and a step/landing has been added to the public dock's gangway  (Thanks Arnold!).   The safety boom has also been reinstalled.   If you notice the drain is plugged, please let Lake and Grounds know (or grab a rake, boots, and enjoy).

Basketball Court has been Paved:

The Basketball Court has been repaved.  The hoop still needs to be reinstalled and striped.   If any one has a chain basketball net they are willing to donate, please contact Lake-Grounds@ourcrystallake.org.


Contratulations to EVERYONE who participated and made it very difficult for the judges to choose just a few.  There were very many beautiful decorations!   You should drive around (both sides of the lake) and enjoy. 
Catagories and winners are:

Wow! - The Cains at 1736 Bass Circle

Kids - The Fords at 1601 Pleasure Cove

Traditional - The Leonards at 1408 Grandview 

Ideas and catagories for next year are always appreciated.  So far we've heard suggestions for "Best Lake-front decoration" (without an award), "Largest decorations",  "Best Group Decoration" (adjoining decorations or entire streets), and the webmaster's personal favorate: "Best decoration served with free hot chocolate".   We even had a suggestion for Best decorations as seen from a drone.  Feel free to let the VP know what you'd like to see. 

Board Meeting:

January 5th, 7p.m.   Face mask is required.