A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
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Marina Sign

The Club sign at the Marina is showing it's age. The Board is working to replace the rotting wood sign.

Club Activities

The Board would like to hear about activities you would attend over the next year.  Please fill out the following survey.   It can be filled out for one person or a family.

Please select as many options as you would be interested in attending and/or suggest other events. 

Please guess on the number of attendees.  Use the "Other Event or Comments" section if you can be more specific for planning purposes.  You can also volunteer to help in the Comments section.

Paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief history of the Crystal Lake Club 

   ... is still available by clicking on the book icon. Bills can be paid at the clubhouse from 10-11 a.m. 


New Road Signs Installed:

The Road Committee has installed 13 new road signs around the subdivision.  If you spot anyone removing the signs, please call the county Sheriff.  Also, if there is a traffic sign on your yard or on your street, trimming around the base or cleaning its face to keep it reflective is appreciated.   

Lake Level Reduction Schedule:

Lake and Grounds  has pulled the "plug".   Last year, the lake kept refilling from the rain.  It's a good time to do rip rap or dock repair projects.  If you have concerns or suggestions, write to the Board@ourcrystallake.org.

The spring fill date is still to be determined.   Forecasts call for a cold 2019-2020 winter.

Spring Fishing Rule Reminder

Anglers:  Remember the Bylaws Article VII, Section 4, (i).  If caught in the spring, bass brood fish (i.e., healthy egg-bearing females) shall be returned to the lake in support of the Club’s fish stocking program.

It cost about $12 a fish to stock the lake.   Anytime you catch and release helps.   Thanks for your cooperation.

Facebook Reminder:

Remember that Facebook is not a Club-sponsored, moderated or monitored medium.   Please remember that if you have business or questions for the Board, contact it directly (see the Contact Us tab) and do not expect to get a response through Facebook.

Weed Management Guidelines

A "policy and procedure" document has been created to help lakefront owners manage the weeds.  Click on Lake and Grounds to find the link. 

Bylaws Updated:

The bylaws have been updated for clarity and grammar.  The document can be found on the "Documents and Business" tab and the changes are listed at the end of the document.  

Next Monthly Board Meeting:

The next Board meeting at the Clubhouse is  March 3rd, 7 p.m.

Annual Yard Sale Date Set!

Start collecting all that stuff you want to sell.  This year's Yard Sale is set for Saturday, May 16th.  The Clubhouse parking area will be available for Members to display their wares.   The Club will advertize the sale and install a sign at RT 53 and Grange Dr.

Everyone is responsible for their own signage.a