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Our annual community cleanup/work day is coming up May 20th. Here is a list of items we need to get completed.  See Facebook (see the handy link on the top right of the page) for more information and to help with or adopt a project:

1) Trim pear tree
2) Trim trees away from clubhouse roof
3) Divert downspouts away from clubhouse to prevent erosion
4) Repair the outdoor Creek stone grill (tuck and point)
5) Repair/replace electrical outlets at the clubhouse
6) Remove the old phone box from the side of the clubhouse
7) Paint parking stipes in the marina
8) Seal the blacktop on the basketball court and paint basketball court lines.
9) Cleanup the sink hole behind the Fox cemetery that is filled with recyclables and trash.

If anyone is willing to help please let Aaron Curtsinger know. If you have specific skills that you would like to volunteer we would be glad to get you lined up with a job. This is a great opportunity to serve the community you live in and meet your fellow neighbors.

If there are other areas that need attention please contact Aaron at Lake and Grounds or fill out a suggestion form on the business page.

Thank you all for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you out.ou,

Charity  project for Local Fire and  Police -

Terri and Aaron Cursinger want to thank Crystal Lake residents for all the donations and help putting together the donation "baskets".  They were very appreciative of the gifts.

We hope to do this again and be able to reach even more districts. (Ballardsville, Goshen, Crestwood...And Oldham county police).

Thank you again for serving those who serve you. s

April Sunset -  Crystal Unangst Thomas s

Fishing Derby - Cancelled due to weather warnings