Happenings ...

Clubhouse Security:

In past years, summer nights have presented a challenge to secure the Clubhouse and grounds.   A video surveillance system has been donated to the club.  


We have a new page about weeds that can be accessed from the Lake&Grounds page.

The board is pursuing two long-term approaches to the weed problem:  Chemical treatments and reducing the lake level this Fall.  

Be aware that many lakes in many states are experiencing identical issues, not just us.  These are long term problems and their resolutions will take time.  Your patience is appreciated.

A REMINDER: Use the CONTACT US page for official communications with the Board.   Facebook is not an official contact method unless specifically mentioned for special events.

A Brief History of Crystal Lake Club, Inc.
     ... Is still available for free.  Click on the cover page on the right.

Updated Bylaws Available  

Check out the Business page for updated bylaws.  The updates address many of your questions the Board received over the past few years.  A information-only "Redlined" copy is also found there to make it easier to see the updates.   Please address any questions or comments to the Board.

Travel Tip

Joe Ott wants to remind everyone that when you are going to be away, you can contact the Sherrif's office and ask them to patrol your house more frequently.

You can sign up via the internet at  http://www.oldhamcountypolice.com/house-watch-request.html  or call them at (502) 222-1300.  receiving a ballot for the annual Board of Directors elections shortly.

Sounds Fishy...

As part of the ongoing lake management, $300 of grass carp were added to the lake during the Annual Meeting.  Thanks to Arnold and Lake/Grounds for taking care of that. 

IF you see any strange weeds (like ones with yellow flowers) along the lake shore, please contact Lake and Ground ASAP.

Water Quality

The lake's water quality continues to look great for a lake.

The E.coli colonies count was 9.   Drinking water should be "0" and a standard swimming pool should be less than "200".  The Total Coliform is consistant with a living lake with fish, birds and other creatures. 

Dam Update -  Wednesday10/18

After a slow start (due mainly to 3.5 inches of rain) the water level is down 16 inches.  Judging from the outlet, it has more than 12 more inches to go.  

We're getting good feedback on the locations of the invasive Aligator Grass. Please let us know if you have some and we'll try to spray it for you.

If you treat it yourself,  Dow Rodeo Herbicide is the best thing to use (it was even recommended by the makers of Roundup) but Rodeo is out of stock for the year.  Shore Clear is the same material but more expensive.  It is available from Aquacide Company.  

It looks like the Marina is still navigable but the concrete apron will be above water soon.  The lake bed looks OK for launching but check it out for your specific needs before backing into the lake. 

Halloween Blob?oore inches to go.  

Now that the water level is low, have you seen any of these gelatin blobs around?  They are Bryozoans.  A harmless colony animal.  Now that you know what they are called, you can find many references on the web.  Try  this one:


the lake.