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Lakeside Ct. Brush - before road repair - 2020

Brush - after road repair

2020 Lakeside Ct. Reconstruction and paving.

The Next Road Committee Meeting  will be scheduled in the Spring.

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Minutes may be found on the Club's "Documents & Business" tab.  
The Road Committee Structure
 The Road Committee (RC) is a KY Commonwealth agency, created to collect road maintenance taxes in order to assist the Club to maintain its roads.

The RC is organizationally independent of the CLC Board of Directors and is ruled by KY Open Meeting, Organizational, Financial and Purchasing rules.  Refer, for example, to KRS 179.700-179.000.

The Club's roadways, the things under them like culverts, and traffic signs are within the scope of the RC.  It also contracts for snow removal.  County roads such as Grange Dr., Crystal Dr. and Hoffman Ln. are maintained by the county and are not within the scope of the RC.

Brush clearing and other issues not related to a specific road project are addressed by the CLC Board.

Maintenance Plan 
Great strides have been made on the roads over the past decades by the Road Committee.  We're finally at  a point where the major repairs have been done.
Currently, it can cost "almost" as much to patch a small section of road as it cost to repair an entire road.  Because the road life is about 15 years, the Road Committee  (RC) is trying to do larger projects and use patch material to extend older road 's life until the entire road can be addressed.

To report potholes, surface failures or other issues, please email or see the Club's "Contact US" page.
Crystal Lake Club Road Photo Archive

Grange Dr. Spillway before the box-culvert bridge was added.hat easy!

Dam Toe (downhill side) at Grange Dr.

Potholes on Grange Dr.
(source: The Courier Journal)

History (approximate):

(Black and Hoffman = County Roads)

2020 Orange with black border

2018 Pink except Hoffman

2017 Orange


2015 Yellow, Misc. patches

2015 Clubhouse parking lot and stripping

2014 Patched Tina, Hoffman, Bass, Clark, Crystal Dr. Grandview, Lakeside Ct.

2013 Misc. patches

2011  Misc. patches

2009  Reel Dr.

2008  Misc patches

2007 Reel Dr. drainage repair

2001 Haven Ln. paved

Project History (not including Potholes)