Earl Frederick - Bass at Dam

The Trophy Wall

Submit your 2017-18 fishing season trophy fish and details (weight, length, bait/lure, name, date...) info and we will try to keep this updated with the best of the best for this fishing season.  Include yourself in the picture if you can, until we correct the photo title issue.


 <=   Daniel and Jon, Oct. 16,

    |  Edd Johannemann, July 19,
    |2017,  3#, 4.5 oz. near dam.

Invasive Species Reminder

Crystal Lake is near the top of the local watershed so it's not as exposed to overflowing ponds and other sources of invasive species of plans and aquatic animals as other lakes.  However, it is exposed to the Ohio and other bodies of water other ways.  As the new season starts, please remember these notes from KY Fish and Wildlife:

> If you fish other sates and lakes, wash the baits, and fishing line/gear you used.
> Clean your boat, anchor, and other items that may have been submerged in water. This is best done by
    rinsing your transportation sources and equipment thoroughly with a hard spray or HOT (105° F) water,
    like that found at a do-it-yourself carwash.
> Drain water-related equipment before leaving a water-access or shoreline property.
> DO NOT dump leftover bait! DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, and worms, in the
   trash. Dumping of bait is the #1 way that Asian Carp are spread between waterways.
> If your dog goes swimming, wash your dog with clean water and brush its coat.

Catch and Release

The Club spends money to stock the lake with fish, usually bass, as recommended by its advisers.  In the spring, anglers catch and remove large females who are easy to catch as they try to gain weight before spawning.  Not allowing the fish to naturally reproduce is inconsistent with the goals of the stocking program.  Consequently, a change to the Bylaws (2018) has been approved to require spring time catch and release of healthy brood fish.  Please help us keep Crystal Lake healthy.