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2019-2021 CLC Board Elections

The Board Member terms are two years.  Per our Bylaws, about half of the positions are elected every other year.  Your participation on the CLC Board of Directors is welcome.  If you have any questions, refer to the Bylaws, or call a Board member.  General responsibilities are described in the Bylaws.

Candidates need to contact the President Connie Oldham at or call (502) 741-1674 or the Secretary (Jim Allen,, (502) 265-2293) to have your name added to the slate by the end of August.

You may also send a letter of interest (with your contact information) to the President or Secretary. (To avoid spam, please call the numbers on the Contact Us tab for mailing addresses).

You may NOT nominate someone else.

Each nominee must give full consent to serve, must reside within the subdivision, and must be confirmed to be Member in good standing, prior to their name being placed on the ballot.

Elections are to the Board rather than to specific positions.

Elections shall be held the day of the Annual meeting and shall be by secret ballot (tallied by two midterm Board members).

Voting at said Annual meeting shall be restricted to the Regular Members in good standing.  Associate Members and Nonmembers are not entitled to vote.

There shall be no voting by proxies.  When voting by mail, ballot must be received prior to the Annual meeting.

The newly-elected Board members shall meet with the midterm existing Board members before the October meeting to align themselves with the various officer positions. 

[NOTE:  Each Board position is up for grabs during each election cycle.  However, if more than one person desires a position, the Board will vote on who gets the position.  It is likely that an "encumbant"  officer (one that was not up for election in this cycle) will hold on to their position if they are doing a good job and have the support of the "encumbant" directors.  This also helps stablize the operation of the Board.]

The Road Committee is a separate entity, a state agency.  Committee terms are for 4 years and there are 2 to 3 meetings a year.

Thank you for your participation.